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Our parties are fun-based, hour-long active sessions. They are sports orientated and include hoop and cone games, musical statues, races, dodgeball (5 and 6 year olds) and can include multiple sports or focus specifically on an individual sport. e.g. Football, Tennis, Rugby (Tag), Hockey, Basketball, Rounders.

We ask that you hire the venue and we will provide the entertainment.


£100 for up to 15 children

£120 for 16 to 20 children

£140 for 21 to 24 children

£160 for 25 to 28 children

£180 for 29 to 32 children

£200 for 33 to 36 children

For larger parties please contact us directly for an accurate quote

2 coaches provided for parties larger than 24 children

Venue hire not included. If you would like us to organise a venue the price will be added to the above costs.

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