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'Freya had the best 4th birthday party thanks to Elliot and his multi sports fun which kept her and her 20 pals thoroughly entertained. Couldn't recommend more. Lots of variety and energy - not sure how Elliot does it - but by far the best party entertainment we've ever booked.' Alex Sept 2023

'Elliot did an amazing job entertaining a group of 4 year olds at my son’s birthday party - they all sat attentively and were engaged in all of the great mix of activities he had planned. Elliot was able to engage and entertain all of the children so well - all of the parents watching were so taken by how well he was leading the group and how their kids were responding and participating. He was THE one and only man for the party I wanted to hire, and he went above and beyond. My son loved every minute with him and kept talking about him for days after! I would recommend Elliot 100%!' Dara Jan 2023



Our parties are fun-based, hour-long active sessions which children (and parents) love! They are sports orientated and include evasive hoop and cone games, musical statues, races, dodgeball (5 and 6 year olds) and can include multiple sports or focus specifically on an individual sport. e.g. Football, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Rounders.

It is best for you to hire the venue, as we wont be there for the full party, but we will provide the entertainment and can advise on the best local venues for you to approach.

We will be there for 90 minutes (15 minutes before our activities start to set up and greet the children, 60 minutes for our sports and activities, 15 minutes after our activities to interact with the children whilst they are eating)


£110 for up to 15 children

£130 for 16 to 20 children

£150 for 21 to 24 children

£170 for 25 to 28 children

£190 for 29 to 32 children

£210 for 33 to 36 children

For larger parties please contact us directly for an accurate quote

Please email us with your preferred date, time, expected size of party, age of party goers and location so we can let you know if we will be available.

The best format we suggest is a 2 hour party. We would provide an hour of sports and activities, to start 15 minutes after the party invite time. Then we would give the children back to you with 45 minutes left, so you have that time to provide the children with food and cake before their pick up time.

2 coaches provided for parties larger than 24 children

Venue hire not included. If you would like us to organise a venue the price will be added to the above costs.

'Elliot and his team are amazing. We had them for my son’s 3rd bday party and the kids had a blast. One child even commented it was the most fun he has had in the entire world. He is so great at keeping the kids entertained and involved. We have also attended his half term camp and my son always asks me if he can come back tomorrow. I highly recommend Active Little Angels for bday parties or half term camp. Elliot was also great about suggested nearby venues we could rent - full service help!' Kat '23

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